Monday, December 3, 2007

Copper give away contest on

Bad Boy Copper Head by Steph.Cop + Giveaway

Steph.Cop's latest figure, the 7" Bad Boy Copper Head, is dropping right now at the Bonustoyz web store for 55 euros + shipping (~ $80) . This one's fresh with a funky urban design complete with a cap + two hand grenades. There are five versions in total -- Pink (120 pieces), Green (120 pieces), Grey (120 pieces), Artoyz exclusive Black + White Hair (100 pieces) and a special all-black Bonustoyz exclusive (99 pieces). The Bonustoyz exclusive edition comes with a small print, 5 grenades (rather than 2), and a numbered box with art from Steph.

To celebrate the release, Bonustoyz has given us the green light to giveaway both a Grey Badboy Copper and a Red Aro (Steph's previous figure). To enter just write a comment on this post by the deadline of Friday, December 8th @ 8 PM.

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment to this post.
2. Deadline to enter is Friday, December 8th @ 8 PM
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.
4. One randomly chosen winner will receive a Grey Badboy Copper and a Red Aro figure.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.


Ponard™ said...

Hi, je suis le premier. J'ai déjà commandé un Copper spécial Bonustoyz.

LuciferJ said...

Great Fig!! Love it

David said...

Real nice idea

Mika said...

This is very nice!!I hope Steph.cop is making more very nice things for the isn't christmass but it feels like..:) Hope to find The Red Aro under the christmass tree..;)


a n t s said...

12.26. And Im feelin sick.
12.27 Im feelin heaven.

Susana said...

What a news !
I hope to be lucky ...


Tom said...

oh snap i made the deadline

Anne said...

I love toys...;)

Rob said...

Even I made the deadline.

Good luck for all of us.

Yours sincerely,

Mika said...

Who won the giveaway?


Anonymous said...